Friday, September 16, 2011


Illinois is pretty much finished as a state. Chicago runs the state like a feudal city-state with the peasants living south of the 80-90 Toll Road. The rest of the state should rebel from the Chicago machine by simply following the political winners of each county.

That's right. Governors instead of Governor. Each county should follow the governor who wins the race in that county. That would castrate Chicago.

So, if you didn't vote for Pat Quinn in the last election and another candidate won in your county, he or she is your actual governor and should take his or her rightful place, where else? Springfield. Since governor Quinn doesn't stay there anyway like he said he would. The governor of Illinois Proper will with the other federal, state and local candidates who won in your county, write a new constitution for the collective opposing counties.

This will effectively represent the people they way they should be represented.