Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Google Gmail accounts hopelessly hacked

The Google help forums are rapidly filling up with frustrated users complaining about "Unknown" contacts mysteriously showing up in their Gmail account contacts list.

Users have reported changing their passwords multiple times a day, only to find the "Unknown" contacts still appearing.

Users are also resorting to deleting their Gmail contacts lists entirely just to keep their friends and familiy from receiving spam.

Google's response has been the standard link to old instructions on how to change your password.

Digg has changed! has changed. It now allows you to add a feed from your own blog so that you can automatically have your own posts dugg.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lack of mowing becomes a traffic hazard.

Geese feeding on grass seed behind County Market on White Oaks Drive
The grass along White Oaks Drive is going to seed and the geese are loving it. It might be a good idea for controlling grass and possibly some species of weed, however, goose poop and roadkill are the inevitable side-effects of not mowing the lawn behind the shopping center on White Oaks Drive.

Several vehicles, including my own were forced to stop for a gaggle sauntering across the road. They were totally oblivious to my car's horn.

The city of Springfield does fine for not mowing the lawn, and this incident serves as a perfect reason for such measures.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barack Obama Is Scamming Review | Rip-off Report #311553

Ripoff Report [] is faltering in its ability to manage false and malicious reports. Cred-o-meter has now zeroed out for

Here is an example of a current report at their website:

Barack Obama Is Scamming Review | Rip-off Report #311553

Friday, August 13, 2010 Charley Reese - 545 People Charley Reese - 545 People

GPS Protection from theft

If you own a Tom Tom GPS device, by now you've plugged it into your computer to update it with the latest maps and voices. You probably also noticed that you can access Tom Tom like you would an external data storage device.

You can find the images that pop up when you first turn on your Tom Tom and edit them to show your ID photo and phone number, in case some idiot steals it. Then the idiot will have no choice but to see your smiling face every time he turns it on.

But that's not enough is it? No, you want your Tom Tom to accept only the IP address of your personal computer for updates, and to wreak havoc on any other computer that some thief tries to use to update the maps.

Actually, when you bring home your GPS, you must hook it up to your computer, register the device and open an online account with the company, just to be able to update the maps or download voices.

So the moron who stole the GPS out of the truck (Reported in the State Journal-Register) will never be able to update it, never be able to pawn it, or sell it to someone else.

That GPS is one hell of a hot potato. If you steal one of those, you not only completely wasted your time, you ruined your future.