Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Furlough days are economic suicide.

You run a government that depends on tax payers for support. You're running out of tax payers because businesses are closing or moving away, laying-off consumers who then must further depend on your government. The only real source of tax revenue is from the remaining consumers who have discretionary income above housing, food, transportation, insurance, energy, clothing, and taxes.

Those consumers that remain, who have the extra discretionary income that provides the necessary tax revenue for the survival of your government, are the highly paid government employees who are receiving systematic cost-of-living raises every year, while the private sector employees receive no such raise or are laid-off, and are consequently dragging your government down due to social program needs.

Who is at fault?

You are, for allowing the activities of indifferent anti-social and predatory business practices that have plundered the community you govern.

Now lay-off all of your union workers and start hiring non-union members, because you will never get the tax revenue you need to sustain such an expensive opulent workforce.

Or sue the businesses that laid off your tax-payers, and sue the businesses that refused to raise the wages of your tax-payers so that you could sustain your government.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Whose bright idea was it to outsource?

Someone said "hey, it's cheaper over there," and the bosses fell for it.

The money for production went over there.

That money, over there, circulated down to people who acquired resources and manufacture products.

They pay taxes over there. They buy clothes over there. They buy food over there. They rent over there. They drive over there.

It's happening over there.

Not here.

So, who is the moron whose bright idea it was to outsource?