Thursday, October 23, 2008

Take a crack at reality. Truth Pill Time

Okay folks, the news media has been at again, the public is filled with misinformation and terror. The fastest way to make someone change the channel is to tell them something they don't want to hear, so AM Talk Radio, Newspapers, and Television networks are exercising their decades of scientific research on how to keep us watching and listening to them, by telling us what we'd rather hear, than the truth.

Check out these videos at

Take your medicine before the election.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain-Palin, McCarthyism and the new "Blue Scare"

The "Red Scare" turns into a "Blue Scare." Only it won't be allegations of communism, it will be allegations of liberalism.

The first Red Scare was right after World War I, the second Red Scare, McCarthyism was right after World War II, and now we face the potential for the third wave, or "Blue Scare" following the war in Iraq.

Instead of focusing on Communism, the invisible threat will be made of anyone acting in a peculiar way that doesn't reflect absolute loyalty and patriotism.

The McCain-Palin team are carefully polishing the final touches on the Bush Administration's engineering of an absolute monarchy which was finally established in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson

When their revolution is achieved, Neocons will initiate a cultural culling reminiscent of the accusations of the blacklisting that resulted from the hearings of the House Unamerican Activities Commission.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Required Reading

In the late eighteen hundreds New York was filling with immigrants from around the world who came to make a better life for themselves. How the Other Half Lives explores poverty during a time when poverty was a temporary condition for most people.

The key ingredient is not in this publication, but is in the differences between then and now, of opportunities and constructed impediments to opportunities to escape poverty today.

The immigrants of that time learned how to escape poverty, and many of them who managed to escape, were able to cut the rope or break the ladder behind them, to unfairly impede competition, and maintain the level of poverty and lack of progress that exists today with such tools as Patents.*

How the Other Half Lives: Studies among the tenements of New York
By Jacob A. Riis

* An inventor should have the right to a reasonable royalty for the use of an invention. Patents should be owned by the inventors and not bought or sold as a commodity. Any new technology should not be prevented from being used by anyone, including the inventor. Reasonable Royalty is defined as a percentage of net profit that does not impede the use of a product.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Republican death squads in America

If Barak Obama wins, Republican supporters may go on a murdering rampage. So keep secret your support of Barak Obama until the coast is clear.

The vicious attacks by AM Talk Radio and Fox News has raised the level of fear in Republicans to such a degree that violence is eminent.

This is the beginning of a madness never before seen among the vicious and hateful. They can't stand to hear simple questions that cause them to think about themselves.

This is the message:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fox News links Obama to ACORN

So? That's good. A.C.O.R.N stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

What's wrong with that, Fox News?

Here's an info link.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Window Fan Fails

My window fan stopped working yesterday. I had it since August. I went to the company website ( and they didn't even have it anymore. They stopped making it.

I bought it at Shopko on Wabash back in August. It was the last one of its kind on the shelf.

It worked great for a while. It automatically turned off when the room got too cool. It had expandable panels on the side to fill the window space. It offered some privacy, and this is the best part, the fans are independently reversible. You flip the one or both switches at the bottom and the fans spin in the opposite direction respectively.

The one downside about it was that it filled a space large enough for potential burglars to remove it and crawl through the window, so I had to remove it every morning before going to work.

Two nights ago I was pushing the one button that changed the temperature sensitivity to turn it off, and it stayed off. It never came on again. Something in the electronics failed.

There was a three year limited warranty, but honestly, does anyone deal with shipping costs for something that will probably break again soon anyway?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Statue Dedication Going On Now

Angel of Hope statue dedication is going on right now in Washington Park near the Carillon.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Advice for the future

The future will be brightest for those who know how to hunt, those who know how to sew, those who know how to farm, those who know how to preserve food without refrigeration, those who know how to make fire and those who know how to make the tools necessary to perform the aforementioned tasks.

• My T-Shirts from Fruit-of-the-Loom and Hanes are getting holes under the arms, but instead of simply replacing them, I'm going to stitch them up.

• If I buy bottled water, I refill it with tap water and reuse the bottle for at least a month, if not more.

• I don't buy soda anymore. Nobody needs soda.

• No fast food. The grocery store is the best place to get nutritional meals. There is far more variety at the deli counter than you will find any any restaurant. More variety of prices too.

If the big banks want to hold the rest of us hostage, let's turn the tables. Pay off your credit cards, then close the accounts and cut up your cards. If you bought it with credit, you really didn't need it.

It may be a while before we are finally performing shadow shows on cave walls again, so let's do our best to delay that for as long as possible.