Saturday, March 24, 2018

Springfield close to remembering why they switched some streets to one way.

After learning that Springfield was going to switch some streets back to two way streets after they were switched to one way streets, for some reason, I was going to try and figure out how they forgot why they switched the streets in the first place, but it looks like Dave Bakke at the State Journal Register beat me to it, way back in 2013 with the article: One-way streets were the answer to everything.

Thank's Dave for reminding everyone back then. It seems the post World War II boom of the fifties caused so much economic growing pains on the infrastructure, streets needed to be rearranged.

But apparently everyone has forgotten the reminder when another article by Crystal Thomas: Downtown Springfield closer to adding some two-way streets popped up recently.

The configuration might be slightly different. Some of the the rationale for the change seems to be related to safety, but another is that traffic has dropped so much it seems reasonable to reconfigure the flow of traffic. Wait, what?

What does that say about all that planning and studying for economic growth they've been talking about these past several years? Did they incorporate this traffic study with potential economic development?

How many times are they going to change the traffic, and at what cost?