Saturday, December 03, 2016

Menace in the Park

Years have gone by and friends come and go, but in Washington Park some friends never leave. Like the person who never picks up after their dog which always seems to poop by the old Band Shell.

Local taxes pay for the extra bags and waste handling, and guess what, the people who don't tend to their pets leavings still pay for the services whether they use them or not.

If you're going to pay for it, you might as well use it or complain at the next city council meeting.

Another menace awaits underfoot everywhere. Some will be waiting under the snow for you to step on and roll you off your feet. The price we pay for the rich fall colors of the American Sweetgum tree.

These damn things can be deadly if not cleared from the sidewalks.

I know someone who fell and hit her hand so hard on the concrete that it took two years for her mobility to return to normal, and she plays a lot of tennis, even at age eighty one.

The park can be lovely when you have time to actually look up from watching every step you take, on the grass and the pavement.

I've been getting neck pains lately and I figured out it's from walks in the park.