Friday, February 25, 2011

The aim of business

To a business, labor is a pure expense rather than an investment in the quality of the community from which the future workforce is produced.

On the surface this does not make sense, until one considers that there are tax benefits for depreciation, and the more rapid the decline of an area surrounding a plant, the quicker the benefit can be reaped until the next plant is finished where labor is cheaper. Is this true?

Carly Fiorina said in response to a question about outsourcing:, "Americans are not entitled to work for HP."

Americans seem to think they are entitled to a lot lately, like special tax exemptions, free health care, eight hour work days, uncontaminated food and water, wages that allow for housing and raising children, labor that doesn't cost anything at all, free use of government troops for security and commandeering of foreign natural resources, the list goes on and on.

Nobody is exempt from this mental defect called "sense of entitlement." When the Federal government decided it was no longer going to pay for junk food for public aid recipients some people complained that the government was telling them what they can and can't eat.

Nobody told them they couldn't drink soda, they would just need to earn the money to pay for it.

Junk food is a privilege, not a right.

Ultimately, the aim of business is to set an example that entrepreneurship is the most successful method of achieving wealth, and if you can't, the "free market" absorbs your corpse into the protein bank.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin not to become another Illinois

It looks like all the state workers have turned out in droves to prevent the governor from dismantling non-safety related unions.

The state of Wisconsin has come within a couple of million dollars of going into the red, and unlike Illinois which plans to cut social programs and education money for the poor, Wisconsin plans to cut the salaries and power structure of union members.

I would like to have become a union member, but unions have become feudal dynasties that no one who was not born into it can becomes a member, no better than the industries they proclaim their enemies.

They are all riding high on the backs of the disenfranchised minimum-wage earning taxpayers, not knowing or seeing beyond their own enrichment. They have become their enemy.

So, kudos to Wisconsin's governor for taking real fiscal responsibility for the state's finances. Perhaps breaking the back of the unions in Wisconsin will make them see the error of their ways, and they won't in the future be so greedy that they cost the lives of everyone else who won't be allowed in their club.